March 12, 2013

It seems that any individual contemplating writing a ‘blog’ (for the most part a dim-witted and puerile collection of thoughts and deeds categorized by date) in the English language must come face to face with the real question: Why would someone really want to write a blog? Probably the purest example of recording one’s thoughts and deeds is put forth by Samuel Pepys, in that near decade long Diary from 1660 through 1669 that included an Anglo-Dutch War, the Plague, and the Great Fire of London. Inasmuch as the Diary was not printed for almost 200 years after it was begun I believe it is safe to say that Mr. Pepys wrote of his own life for the simple pleasure of amusing himself and enjoying his own words. The Diary includes great detail of his rising fortune and advancement in the affairs of government and academia as well as the details of his time, and it is impossible not to feel he was honest and forthright about the times in general and his own life in particular. So, is Samuel Pepys’ motivation for keeping a most splendid diary the same for those that today write a blog? It is a curious question.

Unfortunately, the people that today write blogs, as is the case for the millions that have kept diaries over the thousands of years, are not often privy to great events or in the company of historical figures; and furthermore, individually interesting or of sufficient wit to write anything perpetually endearing to other people of their time or of any time. I must face the fact that the odds are overwhelming that I fall in with this lot of people whose lives are mostly dull and uninspiring if all hyperbole is removed and the naked truth left unveiled. Then what is the point of continuing or beginning a blog in the first place? There is no good case to be made for uninspiring and dull anything so the only course would seem to either discontinue any thought of ‘blogging’ or adopt considerable hyperbole—cast all sense of truth into the murky abyss!—and continue. With all this in mind and at least with this disclaimer boldly attached I am going to start this blog for my own amusement and which will contain snippets of my thoughts on topics interesting to me along with historical facts and observations of my life and my family’s lives that may at least be interesting to those in my family that may not know of them.

This particular blog is dedicated to the following idea memorialized by Lord Bertrand Arthur William Russell: I say what I think, for if I am wrong I will be corrected and I will be better off; and if I am right others will be corrected, and they will be better off.

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